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Sex: Male
AGE: October, 20, 2012
Weight: 85 lbs
Height: 30 in.
Nape/Tail: 36 in.


Sterling is a totally dorky goofball, all about the fun, and very easy going with a forever puppy attitude/

Training & Tricks:

Knows commands: Sit, Stay, Lay Down – both vocal commands and hand signal only, Come, Drop it / Leave it, Down / Up, Back, Outside – will pee on command, Outside (repeated over and over) will prompt him for a #2 on command if needed, Go Kennel (he will head to his crate), Biscuit – responds to most everything with this or Are you Hungry?.

Tricks: Shake a paw / shake the other paw, High 5, Other High 5, High 10, Do you love me? (responds with bark), Bark, Silly Pants (does clockwise circles), Bow (downward dog) – responds both vocally and to non-verbal bowing, Fetch it (in response to something thrown or an object he knows what it is), Seek (will play hide & seek for any object presented), Where’s your kong? (will bring a small one) OR No, Where’s the big one? (will fetch his large orange one), Get your dinner bowl, Get your cookie holder, No bones on the bed – will pick up his bone and move locations from my bed. Can easily teach him most everything within a consistent half hour (with treats)!

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